Frequently Asked Questions

Should we check our linen bag Upon our Arrival?

Yes, please always check your linen bag and make sure your order is correct. You may contact us until 7 PM on your arrival should you need assistance with your items. If after 7 PM please contact us the following morning and we will assist you as we can.

WHY Create an Account?

It’s helpful! If you have a change due to more guests or different dates it makes it easier for you to take care of them. No need to fill in all your info again.Click here to register.


Yes, you can cancel your order up to 7 days with no fee. If earlier than 7 days you will incur a $50 restocking fee.

I’m a homeowner renting linens for the season do I need to pay all at once?

No but, we request that you set up an account. That will make placing your orders simpler. We request an order placed a week or more in advance before delivery date. With multiple orders we suggest you create an account. If you would like assistance to set this up, do not hesitate to call us for help.

We’re renting a home for more than a week. what are our options?

You can receive our linens on your arrival and hold onto them and wash as you please. If you choose that you receive 10% off your order. Alternatively, you can request fresh linens each week. We also now make beds. If you choose that don’t forget the making bed service so you can stay in vacation mode.

How do I rent baby items? it says i am leaving this site.

Yes, we now have a separate site for baby items. It’s still us. Simply finish your linen order and use the free delivery fee code here and go to  www.babyquip.comjanineandrea719 to order your baby gear. They are delivered together.

AS the homeowner providing linens to your renters here are a few tips:

First, we have a card you can leave visible with your other info explaining that you are providing them with fresh linens. Our card instructs them how to pack and what to do with the linen bag at the end of their stay - this keeps it simple for you. If you are leaving the stripping and gathering up to your housekeepers let them know all the same info.

Do I have to pick-up and drop-off my linens?

No, we make it simple. We deliver right to your rental property and pick up on departure day.

How do you launder your linens & Can I wash my items during my stay?

We have our linens professionally laundered. There are never any harsh chemicals or dyes used.  Yes, you may wash your items, but please wash whites separate from colors.