Frequently Asked Questions

What are your policies/fees?

Payments are processed when orders are placed, this reserves your linens. There’s a one time $17 delivery/pick-up fee added. If the linen bag is not placed outside by 9:00 AM you will incur a $25 charge. If you depart and we’re unable to collect our linens we will charge an inconvenience fee of $75. We will have to then arrange access to the property for Blue Cottage Linens to collect our linens. If we cannot obtain access to the property at all you will invoiced for all the missing items. Please see our terms and conditions at check out. Cancellations of orders 10 days or less will incur a $50 restocking fee.

Should I Register for an Account?

It’s helpful and we advise our clients to do so. First, if you have any changes or additions your information is saved making it easier for you to access your info in the future. information. Also, if you are a returning customer you will save yourself time at the check out. Click here to register.


Yes, you may cancel your order up to 14 days with no fee. If 10 days or less you will incur a $50 restocking fee.

Can I rent linens
for a weekend?

Yes, you may. Our linen rental rates are on a week-to-week basis. Select the "7 days or less" when placing your order and put in your vacation dates.

CAN I have FRESH LINENS delivered WEEKLY during my stay?

Yes, we refresh your entire order. You will have to place each week’s order separately, You can create an account to assist making it easier to place. Alternatively, you can call us and we’ll be happy to place the orders for you. Each new delivery will incur a $17 delivery fee.

How do I rent baby items? it says i am leaving this site.

The other site is our company as well. If you are ordering both linens and baby items we will supply you with a code so you are not charged 2 delivery fees. Please call or write us for the discount code. We deliver all the items together.  www.babyquip.comjanineandrea719

Will my credit card be charged when I place my order?

Yes, your card will be charged upon receipt of your order and you will receive a confirmation email. This allows us to reserve and hold the inventory for your trip.

Do I have to pick-up and drop-off my linens?

No, we make it simple. We deliver right to your rental property and pick up on departure day.

How do you launder your linens & Can I wash my items during my stay?

We have our linens professionally laundered. There are never any harsh chemicals or dyes used.  Yes, you may wash your items, but please wash whites separate from colors.